Like the promises that you made

“But I believe there is something here to be learned of Grace

Because I can’t help but love you

Even with a heart that breaks

Like the promises that you made.”

There is nothing worse than feeling like a fool. Well, almost nothing. There is the gut-wrenching acknowledgment that you have made yourself the fool. That you and you alone are to blame. And you can’t sleep at night. Because you know that you were taken into some ideal world of comfort and safety so easily, you were blinded by some twisted desire to feel needed, no matter how true the need really is.

And the lies that cast shadows on your every day life were left unseen. Or perhaps ignored.

Regardless, you are the fool. and no one, no self-seeking coward, created this ending any more than you allowed for.

I have made myself the fool and I am forced to face up to it once again as I pour myself out and watch the pieces fold together into a neat cloth thrown over the bed that someone else with lie upon.

And I will stand by silently as the memories cast lots, determining which will haunt tonights dreams.

And you will rest after a long phone conversation with someone I never want to meet.

2 Responses to “Like the promises that you made”
  1. Rachel Halsey says:

    love how you make me cry.

    babycakes, i love you and you’re so amazing.
    maybe you’re not a fool – maybe he is. i think that’s way more likely.

    i hope you slept well.

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