lost cause

I’m your lost cause of good intentions

a dark ugly bruise

a crushed hand that punched the floor

nothing you would ever want.

‘Fine by me!’ I’ll scream at fate

as she cuts another cord, slams and locks all the doors

leaving me nothing but broken window glass to use

You’re just one more reminder of everything I hate 

about myself, bound all my demons and tossed them around

are you fulfilled now?

But darling, why so quiet,

why so grave? 

I’ve merely laid in the ground all the havoc you 

have made, all the evil you exposed 

in some quest for purity

laughter is the only response when you yell and beat your chest

in some resounding chord of this isn’t right

in some christian man’s fight to be honest and worthy

respected and righteous.

well who would respect such a lowly soulless needful thing

you’re just a drum without a beat

and lost cause without a plea.


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