c’est la vie

life is strange.

what i thought would be a big move to another state and leaving all my friends has turned into:

feeling less guilty about little fights with my best friend/twin

trying to figure out where to live, where I won’t feel restless

staying on longer at a coffee house that could eventually lead to the demise of my mental state

butterflies in my stomache when a certain someone kisses me

the need to listen to depressing music less and less

doubts and worries that are strangely enough accepted with open arms

being annoyed when you don’t call soon enough

and a scared feeling that this most certainly couldn’t last this long.

not with how wonderful it is.



2 Responses to “c’est la vie”
  1. Rachel Halsey says:

    it will last. i promise.

    it’s nice to see you happy. i’m going to miss you while you’re away :[

  2. Veronica says:

    I completely feel the “life is strange” sentiment.

    I’m learning how to enjoy it and all of the quirks.

    Let’s get together real soon and talk about life.

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