Timelines are so Passe

+ climbing up the tamarind tree, so old and comforting

I was so little

+ smoking rolled up paper while the guard smoked cigarettes

it felt so grown up

+ The treehouse where we played endlessly

forcing me to grow up

+ The man with the clueless face and m&ms

a stupid grown up

+ moving to India and never feeling so alone

growing depressed

+ relocated to America and completely unsure

about growing up

+ Dating, fighting, hating, loving

and not growing at all

+ staying somewhere so that I could meet you

and looking forward to growing up

+ Not sure about love or the next move

I hate being a grown up.

One Response to “Timelines are so Passe”
  1. Rachel Halsey says:

    i love you:)
    where am i on the timeline?!?! have i started to fade out??

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