i’ll be home for christmas…

Christmas was a pretty typical event.

If the sound of slamming doors, screams, and sobs are typical.

There were only eight of us to celebrate in texas this year, Tim the oldest being left in India,

but there was still plenty of drama and heartbreak to go around.

Basically, Scotty (the 27 year old and second oldest) flipped his shit.

He had been a complete ass to me all day, and those who know me know that I avoid confrontation at all cost

but I was sick and tired of him griping and yelling at me and told him to cut it out. He freaked the fuck out and started yelling at me

and i proceeded to tell him he needed to be on some kind of medicine to shut him up and calm him down…

he kept yelling at me and all i said was i’m tired of you being a jerk, leave me alone. I was then yelled at to

“take it outside”

I didn’t even know people said that anymore.

Frankly, i’m not so sure they do. At least, not to their sister on christmas….what the hell?

I just told him to leave me alone and back off. At this point, the rest of the family decided they needed to join in

my mom telling him to calm down, my dad telling him not to yell, andrew telling him to stop, and me leaving the room.

Enter Jason crying.

Exit Scotty.

Well, from the bathroom where i’m pissed off and trying not to cry I hear scotty come back in the room and start yelling and andrew telling him to calm down.

Now, this isn’t just yelling, this is now screaming and throwing and punching shit. yes. this is a true story.

Well, andrew tells scotty to calm down and that he loves him, scotty tells andrew to back the fuck off and he doesn’t want to hear it.

And then, andrew tells scotty he’s just like tim.

o shit.

Andrew is now threatened to have the shit kicked out of him and scotty starts to pack up to leave.

He yells that he’s gonna be gone in the morning and all our problems will be solved.

Andrew yells that he shouldn’t worry because he won’t see his family for another two years so he won’t have to deal with us.

At this point, scotty goes in his room and slams the door. Andrew goes in his room and slams the door.

Mom and Jason are upset and crying.

Dad is trying to figure out what to do

I throw on a jacket and leave the house.

Logan and Sabra, on the computer playing games and watching shows.

Mind you, true story.

Well, I come back in the house half and hour later and mom and dad are in scotty’s room talking to him.

I went in a little later and found him sobbing on his bed.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything more heart wrenching than that.

So, He had just lost his job (underwater welding) because he found out that if he EVER dives again he will die of lung failure due to asthma etc.

He has to move because he can’t afford where he lives and he has no job.

His girlfriend of two years broke up with him.

And his family is leaving once again and he’ll be alone.

I guess if you can’t freak out around family who can you freak out around…..

So…basically I love my family but I am worn out and ready to be home.


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